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What others have to say . . .

"The key arrived in good order, and I must tell you that it is absolutely spectacular. Looks stunning in the polished brass finish, and the feel is as good as could be. Light, precise, adjustable down to a gnat's eyelash. Congratulations to you, and thanks! I will enjoy this one, I assure you.." 

- Stan W2ST

Dear David; I received my shiney new key on Thursday and just had a chance to have a go with it. I must tell you how pleased I am with the fit and finish and the "feel". Certainly a value at the prices you are charging. Thank you so much for crafting it for me. It surely will push the Italians to the side! Best, and thanks again,

- Chas W7MAP

These paddles come from two passions. The first one is, I am a machinist and have always dreamed of making very fine 

devices that people would appreciate. The second is my love of CW or International Morse Code. 


My paddles are built one at a time by me for each customer, I will not cut corners for the sake of time or money just  to get the 

job out a little sooner.  

Because of this reason, I can only make a limited quantity of these keys in a years time. I have found that I can produce from 2 to 4 keys a year depending on general shop work load. (This normal work load is what pays the bills and makes it possible for me to make these keys) I will be posting a list on here like Mr. March does so people will be able to see about how long it will be till their key is ready. I am sorry for the long wait that some of you have had to endure, please feel free to write or call if you would like to talk about your order. Thank you very much, David - WK4DS>